Bible Doctrine


1.     Give the student a systematic understanding of Christian doctrine, as set forth in the Westminster Shorter Catechism

2.     Help prepare the student for communicant membership in the church

3.     Demonstrate to the student the biblical basis for church doctrine

4.     Show the student that doctrine affects both faith and life, both knowledge and action, and both mind and will

5.     Show the student that doctrinal matters have affected the history of the church

6.     Help the student to develop a Christian world-and-life view

7.     Equip the student to use Bible study tools

8.     Encourage student appreciation and memorization of the Shorter Catechism






A Proven Way to Teach Biblical Truth

Teaching teens to "glorify God and enjoy him forever" is a mission that GCP takes seriously.

The Bible Doctrine curriculum, based on The Shorter Catechism, helps teens understand God's character. 

The Shorter Catechism may be divided thematically into 2 parts: (1) what man should believe about God and (2) what duty God requires of man.


·      Authority of Scripture

·      God’s attributes, the Trinity, God’s decrees and his works of creation and providence

·      The Fall and mankind’s resulting sin, misery and death, and the covenant of grace

·      Christ’s redemptive work, his deity and humanity, his offices, his humiliation and his exaltation.

       ·      Application of redemption


·      God’s moral law and the preface to the Ten Commandments

·      In-depth study of the Ten Commandments

·      Sin and its consequences and the believer’s escape from God’s wrath through faith and repentance

·      Means of salvation, especially the word of God and the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper)

·      Prayer, petition by petition



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